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Can I let customers take unfinished bottles of wine home?

Can I let customers take unfinished bottles of wine home?

Q. I run a small Italian Restaurant but at the moment I don’t have off sales. I want to be able to let customers take unfinished bottles of wine home with them if they wish, and also to be able to sell full bottles from the counter. My restaurant has never caused any problems with the Police – can I do this with a minor variations.

A. I would suggest speaking with the Licensing Officer at the Licensing Authority. Most Licensing Authorities will not permit the addition of off sales as a minor variation on the basis that this is a form of increasing the amount of alcohol you sell and theoretically at least could adversely affect the Licensing Objectives. However, there is nothing in the provisions that relate to the minor variation process which explicitly prohibits this type of application, and it may therefore be worthwhile calling the Licensing Authority and the Police, particularly if you were prepared to offer a condition limiting your off-sales to diners. Otherwise you will have to make a full Variation application.

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