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All Party Parliamentary Betting & Gaming Group publish findings of their investigation into the Gambling Commission

A copy of the report can be requested from their website

The All Party Parliamentary Betting & Gaming Group (APBGG) has today published its findings following its investigation into the competency and effectiveness of the Gambling Commission.

The APBGG announced their intention to investigate back in Autumn 2021 through inviting industry operators and members for their comments and experiences of dealing with the Commission.

From the information obtained during this consultation, the findings focus on, what the APBGG believe, are the three main fundamental flaws of the Gambling Commission; acting ultra vires, breaching the Regulators Code, and lacking competence and/or effectiveness in undertaking its duties.

Six recommendations are made to the Government:

  1. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DDCMS) considers the role of the Commission is when undertaking its review of the Gambling Act 2005 and whether its job is to ‘actively seek a significant reduction in the number of problem gamblers?’
  2. The Better Regulation Executive undertakes an audit of the Gambling Commission on the basis of the Hampton Implementation Review and whether the Gambling Commission are in breach of the Regulators Code
  3. To instruct a QC to undertake an independent investigation of the enforcement process of the Gambling Commission, considering its status as a Regulatory panel and the overall appeal process and whether this fits the considerations of natural justice
  4. For the DDCMS to temporarily take over the Gambling Commissions complaints procedure, as evidence showed that the industry is too scared to use it in its current format
  5. The DDCMS consider amending the Gambling Act 2005 in its current review to differentiate between high and low risk gambling operators, to allow for equitable and proportionate regulation
  6. The DDCMS to put the Gambling Commission ‘under Special Measures’ in order to direct it to change its internal culture and strategic direction

A copy of the report can be requested directly from the APPBGG’s website on the below link.

Investigation into the UKGC | APBGG website

For more information, contact gambling solicitor Felix Faulkner at f.faulkner@popall.co.uk or call 07495 497199

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