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My premises have failed a test purchase – what are the implications?

22 November 2012

We have two failed

Music & noise

Under the Live Music Act can I have amplified music up to 11pm?

01 November 2012

Can I have amplified music in my beer garden under the Live Music Act?


Local Nighttime policing unit are issuing Section 27 Notices.

13 September 2012

What is a Section 27 Notice and who issues them?

Police Licensing Officers has suggested I join Pubwatch?

30 August 2012

Is this something I have to do?

Festivals & Entertainment

Private Party Rules

02 August 2012

Will I have to comply with my licence conditions for a private party?

Premises licence

Premises Licence Summary on Display

12 July 2012

Am I complying with the legislation and

Festivals & Entertainment

Rules for functions at private members’ clubs

28 June 2012

Can we offer our function room for private hire?


The Law and supplying drinks to staff

10 May 2012

Can I supply drinks after permitted hours to my staff?

Festivals & Entertainment

Pool and darts poser – is it regulated entertainment?

26 April 2012

I want to provide a pool table and a dartsboard for customers.


‘Yard of Ale League’ worry

05 April 2012

I have heard that under the Mandatory Conditions yards of ale are not banned outright

Name change NCPLH to APLH

04 November 2010

NCPLH becomes the APLH

Institute of Licensing Training Course

12 January 2010

Every once in a while we send out an eNews which gives details of training that we provide

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