An overview for the licensed trade, and how we can help operators

Covid 19 News

COVID-19 legal roundup 

Since day 1 of the first lockdown in March, we have been helping clients understand and comply with the avalanche of legislation and regulations imposed by Government.

Below is a list of legal announcements that you might find helpful.

New regulations move England into Step 2 for reopening on Monday 12th and allow payment inside for pubs and bars

The ‘Steps’ regulations are amended with a green light for payment indoors. Read more here.

New Regulations published detailing restrictions and relaxations from 29th March 2021 for England

The Regulations set out a stepped approach to relaxing restrictions. Read more here

COVID-19 road map announced

Target of 21 June for all restrictions on the licensed sector to be lifted. Read more here.

Liverpool City Council becomes latest Authority to remove their Cumulative Impact Policy Areas 04 Feb 2021

Liverpool City Council has made the decision to remove their existing Cumulative Impact Policy as part of their recent Licensing Policy Review. Read more here.

News: More Councils removing Cumulative Impact Policy Areas 19 Jan 2021

Trafford and Hereford remove their Cumulative Impact Policy Areas. Read more here.

News: COVID-19

An overview for the licensed trade, and how we can help operators. Read more here.

News: New Welsh COVID Regulations forcing premises to shut at 6pm 03 Dec 2020

Bars, cafes, canteens, restaurants and pubs must stop selling alcohol on the premises. Read more here.

Regulations for new Tier system for England laid before Parliament

Wednesday 2nd marks start of new regionally-based Tier system. Read more here.

Government issues updated Guidance for Restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services

Revised guidance for England with changes to local restrictions on 2nd December included Read more here.

News: What can Licensed Premises do under the new Lockdown 2.0 Regulations? 04 Nov 2020

Summary of the restrictions on Premises from tomorrow Read more here.

News: News: London, Essex and others set to move to Tier 2 from Saturday 15 Oct 2020

With London, Essex and other parts of England set to change Tier we set out some useful reminders of what this means for Hospitality businesses Read more here.

News: Government Guidance has been issued on new Alert level tiered system 13 Oct 2020

The Guidance is to support the Regulations, which are due to come into force tomorrow 

Read more here.

News: Prime Minister announces new three-tiered Lockdown framework for England 12 Oct 2020

The new system attempts to ‘simplify and standardise the local rules’ currently in force across the country

Read more here

News: Bristol consulting on new Cumulative Impact Area around City Centre 01 Oct 2020

The previous 6 Cumulative Impact areas were removed on the 1st August 2020

Read more here

News: New restrictions on indoor inter-household mixing for the North East of England 29 Sep 2020

The current guidance will become enforceable by law in 7 areas from 00:01 tomorrow morning

Read more here

News: 10 pm curfew and table service for certain premises take effect today 24 Sep 2020

Further restrictions apply

Read more here

News: Judgment Handed Down in FCA’s Business Interruption Insurance Test Case 15 Sep 2020

The High Court has ruled in favour of policyholders in the business interruption insurance test case brought by the FCA.

Read more here

News: Rule of 6 and Test and Trace in England 11 Sep 2020

More change for the public and the hospitality industry

Read more here

News: Government issues guidance on collecting records for Test and Trace 03 Jul 2020

More detail on how and when customer and visitor data should be collected

Read more here

News: Government Guidance on Pubs, Bars and Restaurants - some initial thoughts 25 Jun 2020

Our view of some of the main issues raised by the recent guidance

Read more here

News: Government issues long-awaited COVID Guidance for licensed premises in England 24 Jun 2020

New Government Guidance details steps licensed businesses must take to remain safe

Read more here

News: Gambling premises open with Gambling Commission Guidance 15 Jun 2020

Betting shops open, arcades still closed, bingo and casino opening in July

Read more here

News: Coronavirus: can premises offering off-sales open their toilets? 12 Jun 2020

Information in relation to premises currently offering off-sales and the impact of the Covid-19 regulations on toilet provision.

Read more here

News: Coronavirus - Understanding off sales 04 Jun 2020

Information and Q&A's in relation to off sales and impact of Covid-19 regulations

Read more here

News: Gambling Commission issues new mandatory guidance for online operators 12 May 2020

New customer interaction requirements for online sector due to increased risk of harm during Covid-19 lockdown

Read more here

News: Coronavirus: LGA guidance issued on managing Licensing during COVID-19 15 Apr 2020

LGA guidance issued on managing Licensing during COVID-19

Read more here

News: UK Music Licensing Company PPL PRS announce new measures due to Covid-19 30 Mar 2020

PPL / PRS Suspend Payments for Closure Period

Read more here

News: The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 came into effect today 26 Mar 2020

These Regulations revoke and replace The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Business Closure) (England) Regulations 2020

Read more here

News: New Government rules on staying at home and away from others published today 23 Mar 2020

The rules were published following the Prime Minister’s speech this evening

Read more here

News: Government passes New Health Protection Regulations to deal with Covid-19 closures 21 Mar 2020

New Health Protections Regulations came into force TODAY

Read more here


London Fire Brigade advise you to review your Fire Risk assessment and Emergency Plan

Read more here

News: Coronavirus-related briefings 17 Mar 2020

First coronavirus-related briefing to aid operators

Read more here

News: May 17 reopening announcement

What you need to know about Step 3 opening for the hospitality sector

Read more here

Step 3 in England goes ahead as planned – regulations come into effect on 17th May

The Government issues Step 3 regulations

Read more here