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Club premises certificate

The Club Premises Certificate is the mainstay of a club’s operation

Without a Club Premises Certificate the club will not be able to engage in “Qualifying Club Activities” and the club will suffer as a result.

Remember that it may be possible to have a separate Premises Licence for the same premises in order to broaden the operations a club can carry on. This is particularly true if a club wishes to hire out certain rooms or provide functions to non members at the premises.

This is a complicated area and you should seek our advice if you wish to occasionally open the premises to non-members.

Qualifying Club Activities

The only activities which are licensable in respect of a “qualifying club” are:
The supply of alcohol to members of a club;
The sale of alcohol to guests of members;

Provision of regulated entertainment to members and guests.

The holder of the Club Premises Certificate will be the club itself.

Qualifying Clubs

There are several technical conditions which must be satisfied in order for a club to be eligible to apply for a Club Premises Certificate. There are general conditions which must be satisfied by those clubs wishing to provide regulated entertainment.

There are also additional conditions which must be satisfied if the club wishes to supply alcohol. The principle advantage of being a qualifying club is that it can provide more attractive fruit machines for the use of members. If a club has a dual premises licence (i.e. it also has an ordinary premises licence) it can operate as normal licensed premises as well.

You will need our advice with regard to whether your club is eligible or not.

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