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Home deliveries and premises licences

Working with a national restaurant chain to take advantage of a growing sector during COVID 19

Dark kitchens, sometimes referred to as virtual kitchens, are the latest development in the restaurant industry.

Dark kitchens have been a lifeline for many restaurant operators during the COVID 19 pandemic.

These kitchens prepare and sell meals exclusively through delivery, meaning food that is produced there can only be consumed elsewhere. This allows operators to deliver to locations where they have no high street restaurants.

To take advantage of the growth sector, one of our national restaurant clients launched a home delivery service; an innovative service allowing customers to order pre-prepared chilled meals and alcohol for delivery.

The legal value we added:

After submitting the application to obtain new premises licences for 3 different locations in North London, allowing for off-sales of alcohol, the local authorities received representations (objections) from police, environmental health and local residents. The focus of the representations was noise from delivery vehicles.

Lead Partner Lisa Inzani produced a noise management plan and communicated with the relevant authorities to settle fears over noise. This resulted in the representations being withdrawn; meaning the new premises licences were granted without the need for a hearing.

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