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Enforcement and the Licensing Act 2003

Course summary

The Licensing Act 2003 brought about major reforms to licensing law and procedure, and a new regime for licensing the supply of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment with the focus of attention having switched to enforcing the law, tackling binge drinkers, illegal sales to young persons, and disturbance in and around licensed premises.

The course content will pay particular attention to the Review provisions which are likely to be used to address problems of badly managed premises, disturbance in and around premises and breaches of licensing law.

The course will also cover in detail the provisions in the Act relating to Closure Orders, and any Revisions to the Guidance for police forces issued under section 182.

The course will include advice on making Representations, and the main procedural issues when appearing at Hearings of the licensing authority.

Delegates will be provided with comprehensive guidance on Appeals provisions in the Act, and to the latest advice from the Justices’ Clerks’ Society.

The programme will include an outline of the main offence provisions relating to children and unauthorised licensable activities, and some case studies. There will be a plenary session during which questions on any aspect of the Act will be taken. Any developments in case law will be reported.

The key topics to be covered include:

  • Review of Premises Licences
  • Representations by interested parties and responsible authorities
  • Closure Orders – police powers
  • Key revisions to the Guidance issued under the Act
  • Offences involving children and unauthorised licensable activities
  • Rules of procedure before licensing authorities
  • Police and others rights of entry to licensed premises
  • Procedure for changing the designated premises supervisor
  • Appeals before Magistrates’ Courts
  • Plenary – questions and answers on any aspect of the Act

Delegates will be provided with a detailed set of Licensing Notes.

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