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News: Squeaky Clean 15 Mar 2017

Top Tips for minimising risk and avoiding steep fines

News: Most Un-Appealing 25 Jul 2016

Reviews and Apeal processes can be difficult and costly; early intervention is imperative.

There's a rat in the kitchen 14 Apr 2016

EHO wants me to close my kitchen - what do I do?

News: Dealing with Enforcement Action 24 Mar 2016

Top Tips: Cooperating with Licensing and Police Officers will make a difference

Q & A: Review Proceedings 11 Mar 2016

Can I attend the review?

Q & A: Breach of use of external areas 10 Mar 2016

Will I lose my licence?

Q & A: Foolish whiskey move sees licence revoked 04 Feb 2016

I made a mistake - should I appeal?

News: Keep on top of your paperwork 03 Sep 2015

Ensure your paperwork is in order to avoid enforcement action being taken.

News: Helping you fully understand your powers and duties in a licensing hearing 19 May 2015

Specialist Training for Licensing Councillors, Licensing Committee Members and people within local authorities only

Q & A: Appeal against decision of licensing committee 14 May 2015

Can I produce evidence on the day of the hearing?

Q & A: Rights of Entry for Licensing Authorities 23 Apr 2015

Can I refuse entry to an office of the Local Authority?

News: An enforcement visit could await 05 Mar 2015

Consider our top tips on a proactive approach to enforcement visits

Police Powers to Close Licensed Premises 09 Dec 2014

New Closure Notices and Closure Orders which can be issued by the Police or Local Authority

News: When do Interim Steps cease? 25 Jul 2014

Judge Roscoe's recent decision confirms that Interim Steps continue until the end of the appeal process

Introduction to Reviews & Enforcement 05 Dec 2013

How can we help you with your Reviews and Enforcement issues?

Planning Enforcement Investigations 04 Dec 2013

With a fall in the number of new planning applications, enforcement offers are starting to concentrate on enforcement investigations

Interviews Under Caution 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about being interviewed while under caution

Noise 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about noise issues at your premises

Police Closure Powers 04 Dec 2013

The Police have powers to close a licensed premises to prevent disorder