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News: Poppleston Allen expand regulatory department 07 Aug 2017

Poppleston Allen expand regulatory department with hire from top 50 law firm

Q & A: Training records considered inadquate 14 May 2015

The council have suggested my training records are not up to scratch - what should I do?

Q & A: Personal Licence Holders 30 Apr 2015

Must personal licence holders be on duty at all times?

Q & A: Police want employee banned from six venues 09 Apr 2015

Following an incident at one of my venues, can the police demand my employee is banned from my venues?

News: Receiving Pay Was Not a Prerequisite for Achieving Employment Status 02 Jun 2014

An individual can still be considered to be an employee even if they have not exercised their right to be paid

Doorstaff 04 Dec 2013

Licensees must ensure that their door staff are licensed with the Security Industry Authority

Drunkenness 04 Dec 2013

It's important not to sell alcohol to someone who appears to be drunk

Noise 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about noise issues at your premises

Absence of a Personal Licence Holder 03 Dec 2013

Authorising your staff to sell alcohol