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Throwing a Party

How to best organise a party for your staff

Q:  My staff will have worked hard in the run up to the festive season and even harder during it. Before the madness starts I would like to throw my staff a party to show that I appreciate all of their hard work. However, I have not done this before and am concerned how to manage this so everybody has a good time?

A:  It is sensible to consider how the party will run prior to the event, for example, will the drinks be complimentary, will you charge for them, or will it be a combination of the two? Or are you going to offer food? This may be sensible so that people do not get too carried away with alcohol. 

It is important to discuss with staff the behaviour you will expect from them on the evening, not that you want strict rules to spoil the fun, but it is an extension of the workplace effectively so there has to be some boundaries on behaviour that won’t be tolerated, e.g. harassment, drug taking etc.  Once this has been done it may be worth sending a memo around to staff to make it clear on both what has been agreed and what will be expected for the event and the consequences if something goes wrong. 

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, if the event is being held at your own premises then you should consider the licensing implications of this and ensure that you do not jeopardise your licence. For example, if you are expecting staff to pay for their drinks then you should ensure that they are only purchased within the hours permitted on your licence (unless you have applied for a Temporary Event Notice to extend your hours), but if you are giving them away for free this is not a problem. 

They key to a successful evening here is preparation, so it is worth putting the time in before and then enjoying it on the night!

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