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What should I consider producing as part of my evidence?

Q:  The Local Licensing Police Authority reviewed my Premises Licence under Section 51 of the Licensing Act 2003. I represented myself at the hearing and told the Committee that the Police’s evidence was grossly exaggerated. Upon coming to their decision, the committee commented that I should ensure that in future, I have something more to support my verbal assertions.  What do they mean?

A:  There is no easy answer to your question without knowing more about the facts of your case. I suspect that your evidence was verbal with no documentary, audio or visual support. 

I suggest that a record is kept of all licensing visits conducted by the Authority and also the outcome. Make a note of the names of any officers visiting your premises, the date and time of the visits and any conversations you may have with them. Ensure that your CCTV system is properly maintained and retain any CCTV footage of key incidents or visits from the relevant Authority. 

If there is an incident, retain the names and contact details of any witnesses and ensure that the incident books are fully completed with as much detail as possible. Take all complaints, whether made by the Authorities or by residents, seriously. Investigate the complaint, assess and record it in your incident log and report back to the complainant in writing, ensuring that you keep a copy. Raise any local concerns relating to Police enforcement or licensing issues in a public forum such as your Pub Watch meeting and ensure their comments are noted in any minutes taken.

Finally, I would also suggest that if you have an incident and you have any evidence of good management e.g. treatment given to injured parties, comments made by customers, police etc. then make a full detailed record with names and contact details.

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