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Rules for running a World Cup sweepstake

Can I run a sweepstake for the World Cup in my pub?

Q: Can I run a World Cup sweepstake in my pub?

A: You can run a sweepstake during the World Cup in your pub. However, as always with gambling, there are specific rules on how the sweepstake is operated. You can provide a sweepstake under the rules for a customer lottery. You must run it at the pub, you cannot extend it to other businesses on the High Street, no prize can be more than £50 in value and the lottery must be arranged so you do not make a profit. The tickets must show the name and address of the organiser, i.e. the pub, the ticket prize, and any restrictions as to who may or may not buy a ticket, and state that the tickets are non-transferrable. You can only run the lottery once a week, there can be no rollovers and no sales or adverts can be made off the premises. You can claim the costs for prizes as reasonable lottery costs.

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