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Proof of age policy

Do I need to display this at my premises?

Q:  Can you tell me the law around displaying any proof of age policy, such as Challenge 21 or Challenge 25?  I have been told by the local Police Officer that I need to display a Challenge 25 poster.  I in fact operate a Challenge 21 system.

A:  You will know that one of the Mandatory Conditions on your licence is that you have an age verification policy which, by the sounds of it, you do.  It is sensible for this policy to be in writing, so that you can provide evidence of it to the authorities. 

There is nothing in law which requires you to display any proof of age signage.  Signage is available from the website for Drink Aware.  The only legal requirement for you to display any such notice would be if there is a condition on your Premises Licence which requires you to display the appropriate notices.  Many Premises Licences do require such a sign to be displayed, normally at or behind the bar.  Therefore, check your Premises Licence carefully to ascertain whether or not there is any such condition but, by law, you only need an age verification policy to be in place rather than actually display the appropriate notice

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