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Prevention of Crime and Disorder

Am I at risk of losing my premises licence?

Q:  I run a nightclub in a large city and last week I received notice that the Police were seeking a review of my premises licence.  I have received the odd visit from the Police over the last year and they always say that I am not doing enough to prevent crime and disorder at the premises. My relationship with the local Police Licensing Officer has broken down and I am anxious that the Licensing Authority may revoke my premises licence.  Is it worth speaking to the Licensing Authority for guidance or is it a lost cause?

A:  Unfortunately this is an all too common problem when relations with the authorities have broken down.  You may feel that there is nothing further you can do and the Police may feel that they therefore have no alternative other than to apply for a review. You can speak to the Licensing Authority and I am sure they will help you as best they can but at this stage, you have nothing to lose by attempting to meet with the Police to discuss the issues they have raised within the review papers.  You may even find that you can negotiate a list of conditions with the Police that you could put forward to Committee.  There is no guarantee that the Committee would impose these conditions but it is a starting point for the hearing.  I would always recommend seeking specialist legal advice if your licence is reviewed, and having your solicitor attend any such meeting with the police may assist both parties in drafting any agreed conditions with the precision necessary for the review hearing.

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