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Premises Licence Application Advert

Which newspaper is suitable to publish my application notice in?

Q:  I am about to submit an application for a new Premises Licence to my local licensing authority. In the process of doing so, I understand that I have to advertise the application in the local newspaper. Obviously I don’t want any issues with my application so is there a particular newspaper I need to advertise in?

A:  The Licensing Act 2003 specifies that you must publish a notice of your application in a local newspaper on at least one occasion during the period of ten working days starting on the day after the day on which the application was received by the relevant Licensing Authority. Under the Act the local newspaper must be circulating in the vicinity of the premises but we are finding that a number of licensing authorities are now stating which newspapers they recognise as being local for their area so it may be worth checking with them.  If an alternative publication is used such as a newsletter or circular, it is your responsibility that the publication circulates adequately in the vicinity of the premises and I would advise the licensing authority accordingly.

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