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Premise Licence Holder query

Does the Premises Licence Holder have to be present on the premises at all times?

Q:   I have been told that a Personal Licence Holder needs to be present on my premises at all times it is open, but I have not been doing this, should I have been?

A:  It is important in the first instance that you check your premises licence for any conditions requiring a personal licence holder to be present on the premises at all times – if this is the case then you would need to comply. 

If there is no such condition on your licence then you do not need a personal licence holder, or even the DPS, on the premises at all times.

The general requirement is that where a premises licence authorises the sale of alcohol every supply of alcohol should be made or authorised by a personal licence holder. Whilst this authorisation does not need to be in a prescribed form, or even in writing, it is strongly recommended that any personal licence holder gives a specific written authorisation. This can be one single document with the names of the persons listed and signed by the personal licence holder – it does not need to be reproduced for every sale. Remember to keep it up to date. 

An authorisation in writing is useful in establishing due diligence in the event of enforcement, as well as a good training opportunity.

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