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Personal licence fear

Do I need something in writing from the Local Authority to confirm I do not now need to renew my personal licence?

Q:  My personal licence is due to expire later on this year. I have been advised over the telephone that I do not need to take any action, but they will not provide me with anything in writing. Should I be worried?

A:  No, there is nothing to worry about here and you have been advised correctly.  From the 1st April 2015 the requirement to make an application to renew a personal licence was abolished. This means that provided your personal licence did not expire before that date it does not need to be renewed.  I appreciate that your licence will still show an expiry date, but no action is required and the authorities will be aware that due to changes in legislation your licence will continue indefinitely.  However, should you make any changes to your personal licence in the future, e.g. change of home address, then in dealing with this the council may remove reference to any expiry date for clarity. 

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