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Notice Requirements

Is my notice defective?

Q:  I have made an application for a new premises licence for a pub I recently purchased. I put the A4 blue notice for the application in the window but the Licensing Officer came over yesterday and she told me that this did not comply with the regulations as to notices. I just wanted to check if she is right?

A:  She may be. It is not always sufficient to simply just put the blue notice in the window. I know quite a few pubs have shutters that are pulled down overnight and cover the notice, particularly if it is in the window. The notice needs to be displayed where it can be read easily by the public from the exterior of the premises and must be on display 24 hours a day for the whole of the consultation process.  Failure to comply with these requirements, and indeed all other requirements with regards to displaying notices, may lead to a delay in the application process. Please also bear in mind that notices that you may place on fencing or lamp posts externally could be removed or defaced and therefore you should keep a daily check to ensure that they remain displayed, it may be sensible also to take photographic evidence

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