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New Year’s Eve

What time can I trade until?

Q:  I have been speaking to a licensee friend of mine who is very experienced and has told me that New Year’s Eve is automatically extended until the start of permitted hours on New Year’s Day.  I am just checking whether this is correct?

A:  No it is not!  There is still in the industry the view that there is an automatic extension for New Year’s Eve but this went in 2005.  Before the Licensing Act 2003 (which came into force in 2005) there was an automatic extension for both the sale of alcohol and the provision of entertainment for all licensed premises but this was removed.

It is therefore very important that you check your Premises Licence if you wish to trade beyond your permitted hours for the day on which New Year’s Eve falls.  Many licences retained, through the conversion process, the right to trade through New Year’s Eve until the start of New Year’s Day but if it does not state this on your Premises Licence, you do not have it.  You will have to apply for a Temporary Event Notice giving the usual minimum 10 working days’ notice

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