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Must I renew my licence?

Does my personal licence need renewing?

Q: My Personal Licence is due for renewal on the 5th April 2015. I have seen reports in the press that Personal Licences will no longer need to be renewed, but is this still the case?

A: The Home Office announced some time ago, after a consultation on the future of Personal Licences, that they would not need to be renewed, albeit the system would continue.

We have heard little, if anything, since then, and the Deregulation Bill which was due to abolish the requirement to renew a Personal Licence is yet to come into force.

We are still awaiting further guidance from the Home office as to what is going to happen, but until the Deregulation Bill has come into force, or we have further guidance from the Home Office as to how renewals should proceed, you have to be prepared to renew your Personal Licence.

In order for your renewal application to be valid, it will have to arrive with the Licensing Authority no earlier than three months and no later than one month before it is due to expire

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