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Licensing Relaxation for the Queen’s Birthday

What does the Order cover?

Q:  I know pubs are going to be allowed to stay open and sell alcohol until 01:00 on the early mornings of both 11th and 12th June, in celebration of the Queen’s birthday.  Of course, rather fortuitously, it is also just happens to be the England v Russia game on Saturday 11th June too.   I want to put some food on as well, I only have permission at the moment on my licence for late night refreshment until 23:30.  Will the relaxation also allow me to carry on selling hot food after 23:30?

A:  The Order which relaxes the hours for the sale of alcohol, also allows premises which are also selling alcohol for consumption on the premises, or, for members clubs which are supplying alcohol, again for consumption by its members on the premises, to remain open up until 01:00 for not only the sale or supply of alcohol, but also the provision of hot food and drink, and Regulated Entertainment, provided those permissions are permitted by a Premises Licence until 23:00 or later.  This doesn’t mean that all takeaways can automatically open until 01:00, without any permission on their Premises Licence, since most takeaways would not normally be permitted to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises

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