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Licensing authority has refused layout wish

Do the proposed alterations to my premises really undermine the licensing objectives?

Q:  I made an application for a minor variation for structural changes to my pub, but the application has been rejected by the Licensing Authority.  The Authority has said that the changes affect my staff’s ability to supervise and monitor all areas of the pub and therefore it could undermine the licensing objectives.  It is only a change to the layout – can they really just reject my application?

A:  Yes.  There is no right of Appeal to a minor variation but it may be worth speaking to the Licensing Officer and trying to persuade them why your proposed changes would not adversely affect the licensing objectives, although now that the decision has been made these are likely to be fruitless.  Your options are to resubmit a minor variation with a risk assessment identifying and resolving any potential risks, or applying for a full variation with public consultation.  Unless you are certain that you can submit an amended minor variation that will be approved, I suggest that a full variation is your only option now.

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