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Jazz Festival

Are there any restrictions I need to consider?

Q:  I am a big live music fan, and we are now full swing into the summer music festival season. I am running a small jazz festival at my local park, and a friend who runs a pub next to the park asked if she could sell people drinks to take up the road with them and drink whilst they are at the festival? As an organiser of the festival I’m happy with it. We only have small bar.

A:  It sounds good  but a few thoughts. She will need permission for off sales from her pub and she should also check there is no condition restricting it. Secondly, she should ensure there are no local by-laws.

If there is a Designated Public Place Order in place, either on the road or in the park, then police officers can order a person to stop drinking alcohol in public and confiscate it from them. She might want to advise her local licensing department and the police to ensure that they are aware of what is happening and can plan their resources accordingly.

You should also consider your community and neighbours and do your best to encourage people to not leave bottles and litter along the street and in the park. Both you, at the festival and your friend, running the pub, must ensure you retail alcohol responsibly and the usual rules in respect of service to underage persons or people who are drunk still apply (even if they are drinking the alcohol elsewhere).

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