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Is there a penalty for showing Euro football?

Can I show live European Championship football matches on TV at my pub?

Q:  My premises licence permits me to sell alcohol from midday until midnight every day but I do not have any entertainment permitted by my licence.  My customers have asked whether I will show any of the football European Championship matches which start in June and having discussed it with my staff and regular customers, I would like to. Can I do this?

A:  If there are no conditions on your licence to the contrary, you are able to open at any time within your permitted hours and show the matches, as showing live TV is not a licensable activity and therefore you do not need to have regulated entertainment permitted on your licence. Nonetheless you must have a valid TV licence for the premises to cover any matches shown on terrestrial TV. Be aware that if there is living accommodation on the premises where a TV is also in use, this must be covered by a separate licence.  If you want to show live sports events which are not on terrestrial TV, you will need an appropriate subscription from a company that provides sports TV packages.

Also, if you show any sports that are not on live TV, such as a DVD of old football matches from previous tournaments, this is a licensable activity and you will need permission for films on your premises licence. Also remember that you may attract a new crowd to watch the match, or your regulars may be staying in the pub for longer than usual, so ensure you manage any change in operation with sufficient planning.

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