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I am considering providing a dedicated smoking area?

What do I need to consider?

Q:  I run a busy night club and receive regular complaints from local residents about noise from smokers outside the premises.  I am considering doing some works to the roof of the premises to create a specialist smoking area and I would like to put a bar out there as well.  What do I need to do?

A:  The relocation of smokers to a dedicated area sounds like a good idea as long as the terrace itself is not in close proximity to local residents who may complain about the use of that area.  It may be possible to look at some acoustic barriers around it in any event to minimise noise breakout. 

If you wish to install a bar there then check whether that area forms part of your licence at the moment.  If it does not then whilst it may be acceptable to allow the consumption of alcohol in the area you would not be able to sell it from the bar without varying your licence. It is worth noting that having a bar in that area may further increase the potential for noise problems as you will be encouraging customers to stay in that area rather than simply pop out for a cigarette.

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