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Game on for pub’s machine permit transfer

I am selling my pub, do I need to arrange to transfer my existing LPGMP?

Q:  I am about to sell my pub and the company purchasing the premises have agreed to make an application to transfer the premises licence.  I also have a Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit which permits 5 category C gaming machines.  The company purchasing the pub want to add a further category D machine to the permit and I have suggested that they apply for a new permit in their name for an increased number of machines.  The company’s lawyers have said that this is incorrect and that they need to transfer the permit and increase the machines.  Is this correct?

A:  Any Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit (LPGMP) links to the premises licence and therefore needs to be transferred at the same time as the premises licence otherwise it will lapse and an application for a new permit would be necessary.  In the event that the transfer of the premises licence has not yet taken place, it is possible to transfer the permit (at the same time as the premises licence) and simultaneously apply to increase the number of machines permitted.  The application form to transfer an LPGMP also contains the option to vary the number of machines permitted.  The Licensing Authority may require further information such as plans showing the location of the proposed new machine and the application may need to be considered by the Licensing Sub-Committee in the event that the Licensing Officers’ delegated authority is limited to approving a certain number of machines. 

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