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Do I need a licence for poker nights at my pub?

Does my premises licences cover poker nights?

Q: I have been thinking about ways to attract customers to my pub on quieter evenings and have thought about having a poker night. Am I able to provide poker at my premises without an additional licence or permit?

A: In principle the answer is yes as poker can be provided as low stake and prize gaming under the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005. Provided your premises has an on-licence and contains a bar, poker may be played at any time when alcohol may be supplied in reliance on the licence, subject to strict limits and restrictions: the maximum stake per person per game is £5: the maximum aggregate stakes per premises per day are £100: and the maximum prize per game is £100. No deductions may be made from the pot and all money staked must be returned to players as prizes. Games cannot be linked to other premises and you must exclude under 18s from participation. The Designated Premises Supervisor effectively becomes the gaming supervisor and must ensure that all limits are strictly adhered to. The Gambling Commission has issued a Code of Practice for equal chance gaming, which outlines best practice and should be considered if you wish to provide poker facilities. This can be a complicated area and you may wish to seek legal advice to ensure that any gaming provision is compliant with the Regulations.

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