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Displaying Cigars in a Pub

Am I able to display specialist cigars in my pub?

Q: I am the operator of a pub, and whilst I know that it is not possible to display cigarettes in view of the public behind my bar, does the same apply to cigars?  I would like to start to stock a number of specialist cigars and would prefer to be able to display them behind the bar?

A: From 6th April 2015 under the Health Act 2009, it became illegal to display all tobacco products behind the bar.  This applies equally to cigars as it does to cigarettes.  The only time cigars or, indeed, any other tobacco products can be on display is when they are being sold to customers, for the purposes of restocking, or where staff are being trained.

It is also worth noting that the Act also prohibited the use of any price lists     being used in any manner which could be seen to be promoting tobacco.

The sanctions for breaching this piece of legislation are either on a summary conviction to the Magistrates’ Court an unlimited fine and / or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or, alternatively, if convicted on indictment to the Crown Court, to a prison term not exceeding 2 years, an unlimited fine, or both.

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