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Changes to TENs

More TENs means more sporting opportunities

Q:  I run a sports bar and we often show live international sporting events at our premises. Many events often run into the early hours and whilst I appreciate live TV isn’t a licensable activity I have often used Temporary Events Notices to sell alcohol or provide entertainment to run alongside the event.  I believe that I may now be able to provide more events as the number of permitted TENs has increased, is this correct?

A:   You are correct that following the introduction of the Deregulation Act last year the number of TENs permitted for a single premises has now increased to 15 per calendar year.  If you are simply showing events broadcast on live television you don’t need a Temporary Event Notice but you should ensure that you have an appropriate TV licence for your premises. Playing recorded music or showing videos may also require any relevant PPL and PRS licences to be in place. Any TEN would normally now only be needed for alcohol, or entertainment after 11pm where not already permitted on your licence. You should of course check your premises licence for any additional relevant restrictions or conditions.

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