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Can I serve drinks from a camper van?

What permissioon do I need?

Q:  We’re hoping to take advantage of Euro 2016 this summer.  We have a private beer garden and want to serve food.  To be a bit different we intend to park a camper van bar in the garden. Do I need permission?

A:  Take a look at your licence plan which should indicate where you can sell alcohol. If it covers your garden then in principle you can sell alcohol from your camper van. However, it would be advisable to inform the Licensing Authority of your proposal, as some officers may expect the areas where ‘structures’ such as these are located to be marked on the plans. If you don’t have authority to use your garden, you’ll either need a Temporary Event Notice or, if you plan to do this more often, to submit a full variation of your premises licence and amend your plans accordingly. 

But keep in mind that there is a 28 day consultation period for a full variation and should it receive any objections, a further month may be needed.  Check whether there are other restrictions on your premises licence, for instance on capacity or use. You should also carry out a risk assessment from a fire and health and safety perspective.  And as you’ve mentioned food, don’t forget that you will need your premises licence (or a TEN) to authorise late night refreshment if you are serving hot food or drinks between 11pm and 5am.

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