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Can I have a FBT gaming machine in my pub?

Q: There has been a great deal of media coverage of ‘FOBT’ gaming machines in betting shops. From what I’ve read they are popular with the punters. Can I have an FOBT gaming machine in my pub?

A: On-licensed premises are able to offer Category D and Category C machines but not the FOBT gaming machines. Under the regulation of the Gambling Act 2005 FOBT gaming machines are ‘Category B2 machines’. Pubs can offer the lower stake and prize Category D, for instance the pushers and cranes, as well as the low stake and prize gaming machines, where the maximum cash prize is £5. There are a number of different stake and prize limits for Category D games depending on whether they are crane machines, and whether prizes are cash or non-money (cuddly toys, key rings etc). The Category C gaming machines have a maximum stake of £1 and a maximum prize of £100 and these types of C machines are the most common in pubs. One of the reasons the FOBT or Category B2 gaming machines are so popular is the maximum stake can amount to £100 although the maximum prize is always limited to £500

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