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Bingo in pubs

Rules for bingo in pubs

Bingo balls in relation to article of bingo in pubs

Bingo in pubs

Bingo in pubs is subject to the following rules

Premises must contain a bar from which alcohol is served for consumption on the premises and the sale of alcohol must not be restricted to only those customers consuming food (restaurant condition).

Games can only be played at times when alcohol can be supplied in reliance on the premises licence or sold for consumption on the premises in reliance on a Scottish premises licence.

There can be no separate participation fee, which would include a ticketed event whereby customers are provided food, beverages and bingo card for single price.

No amount can be deducted from stakes or prizes with all money taken in stakes to the player(s) as prizes.

The maximum stake for any game of bingo is £5 per person. So if each bingo is £5 per person. So if each bingo card in a game costs £1, a player cannot buy more than 5 cards in that game.

There is no limit on the value of prizes for all games (you can donate additional prizes in excess of the total stakes received).

Games cannot be linked with a game played on another set of premises.

Under 18s are not permitted to play.

Premises managers should ensure that the limits are not breached.

Gaming must not be classified as high turnover, which means that neither the stake nor the prize total can be greater than £2000 in any 7 day period.

Bingo in pubs

Code of practice for equal chance gaming in licensed premises

Compliance with the code should be the responsibility of Designated Premises Supervisor.

All gaming must be supervised by staff members whose duties include supervision (can include bar and floor staff).

Procedures should be implemented to prevent underage gambling.

All gaming should be ‘low level’ and the DPS is expected to ensure that this remains the case.

Gaming in pubs should be ancillary to the main purpose of the premises provided as an additional entertainment activity.

All payments for the gaming should be paid in cash before the game begins and no credit may be offered.

All equipment should be supplied by the premises and should be secured when not is use. Equipment should be replaced when damaged or marked.

The DPS should ensure a ‘pleasant atmosphere’ and deny participation to customers who cheat or collude with other players or employees, threaten other players or employees, or damage equipment.

Bingo in pubs

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Rules for bingo in pubs

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