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A guide to licence reviews

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Licence Reviews explained

Once a Premises Licence is in place (although it lasts for the life time of the business), it is possible at any time for a review to be brought against it.

The purpose of a Licensing Review is to allow the responsible authorities such as the Police or Environmental Health or any other person regardless of their geographical proximity to the premises to ask the Licensing Authority to review how the premises are operating if they feel that the licensing objectives are being undermined.

Once a review has been started then there is a 28 day consultation period when a public notice is placed at the premises and other people and authorities may join in. Once the consultation period has expired, the Licensing Authority have to hold a hearing to determine the application and its powers range from removing the DPS, restricting the operating hours of the premises through to revocation of the licence.

Poppleston Allen has considerable experience in acting for clients across England and Wales who are the subject of a review. If your premises licence is being reviewed, contact us for a free telephone consultation and we will guide you through the options available to you and the costs of defending the review.

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A guide to licence reviews

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