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Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) issues three year strategy

Agenda issued to reduce gambling-related harm

The RGSB provides independent advice to the Gambling Commission on a national responsible gambling strategy, which sets the agenda for organisations including gambling operators, regulators, government, trade bodies, treatment providers and a number of public agencies.

The three year agenda has been produced following a public consultation held last year.

Twelve action areas have been identified:

1. Understanding and measuring harm;
2. Engagement with relevant public sector bodies and other agencies to encourage greater acceptance of responsibility for delivering the strategy;
3. Consolidating a culture of evaluation;
4. Increased understanding of the effects of product characteristics and environment;
5. Improving methods of identifying harmful play;
6. Piloting interventions;
7. Self-exclusion;
8. Education to prevent gambling-related harm;
9. Building the quality and capacity of treatment;
10. Widening and strengthening the research field and improving knowledge exchange;
11. Horizon scanning; and
12. Public engagement.

The strategy confirms that “In recent years some positive steps have been taken to tackle gambling-related problems” and the “strategy is designed to build on those foundations”

The issue of maximum stake size on machine play has not been addressed and the RGSB has confirmed that further advice in that regard will be provided in the forthcoming triennial review of stakes and prizes, which is expected shortly.

The RGSB has stated that the most important next step for all stakeholders is to reflect on their own plans and assess the extent to which those plans measure up to the principles, objectives and priority actions set out in the strategy and make any necessary adjustments.

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