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Payment by credit card

Can people pay by credit card in my pub

Q: I run a City Centre bar and restaurant and I was recently visited by a police officer who told me that I should not take credit card payments for alcohol as it can encourage people to drink to excess and is therefore contrary to the mandatory conditions. I have never been told that it is illegal before and I know that the other bars in the City Centre accept credit card payments. Is the police officer correct?

A: The embedded restrictions under the Licensing Act 1964 contained a condition that credit sales were prohibited. However, this prohibition was not replicated when the Licensing Act 2003 came into effect in 2005.

Therefore, provided that there is no restriction on your premises licence, you may accept payments by credit card.

If you do have a condition on your premises licence which has been carried over from the Licensing Act 1964, I would recommend that you apply to remove it.

It is certainly not contrary to the mandatory conditions for you to accept credit card payments as the mandatory conditions focus upon irresponsible drinks promotions.

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