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Poppleston Allen secure licensing for Nottingham axe throwing attraction, Axed Global

Poppleston Allen, secure licensing for axe throwing attraction, Axed Global

Image of axe attraction. Axed Global to go alongside article on securing their premises licence

Leading licensing solicitors, Poppleston Allen, secure licensing for axe throwing attraction, Axed.

Associate solicitor, Suraj Desor, of Poppleston Allen has successfully helped Nottingham attraction, Axed Global, to acquire a premises licence.

Nottingham is the second Axed location following Lincoln, which opened just months prior to the pandemic hitting the UK.

The American trend, axe throwing, has moved to the second floor of the Cornerhouse in Nottingham. Axed consists of ten interactive smart lanes for off the wall axe throwing experiences with room for a maximum of four players in each.

Alongside the traditional bull’s eye target, Axed Global offers touch screen technology allowing players to choose from a variety of games consisting of, noughts and crosses, space invaders, battle ships and battle axe are now projected onto the board.

Players are able to enjoy a beer or cocktail in the seating area, however, there is strictly no drinking before or during a game. This is stated in the terms and conditions when players booking a slot.

According to the alcohol licence provided to Axed Global, players who have had an alcoholic drink will get a stamp on their hand, this allows employees to prevent or refuse players from accessing an axe.

Players must also sign a disclaimer before they play and receive a safety briefing with an instructor who will demonstrate how to throw an axe safely before players are able to participate in the activity.

Everyone is encouraged to participate to no matter what ability, height, and strength you are. Anyone above the age of 10 can participate in axe throwing as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

For more information on alcohol licensing contact Suraj Desor on 0115 9349 183 or 07880 382 193

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