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Lotto Betting Group to challenge Government regarding its plans to ban betting on EuroMillions.

Proposed change to licence conditions would prohibit betting on non-UK EuroMillion draws.

“Under Section 95 of the Gambling Act 2005 betting on the outcome of the UK National Lottery (including the UK EuroMillions as it is directly connected to the UK National Lottery) is prohibited.

At the moment a number of companies offer bets on the outcome of EuroMillions draws that take place in other jurisdictions, for example the Spanish EuroMillions draw.  These draws are perceived to be technically separate to the UK National Lottery and UK EuroMillions and as such companies have been able to take bets on the outcome of these draws.

In November the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) reported that following consultation, the Government would be taking action to prohibit betting on non-UK EuroMillions lotteries by introducing a new licence condition.

One of the arguments put forward within the consultation document was that the ability to bet on EuroMillions draws is at odds with the spirit of the act and that a ban would “…protect against future losses to good cause returns.”

There have been numerous press reports this week in respect of the Lotto Betting Group sending a letter before claim for a judicial review to the DCMS in respect of the proposed change.

The Times has reported that the four lottery companies who have formed the Lotto Betting Group have claimed that the “…DCMS’s decision to close the regulatory loophole was “irrational and unreasonable”, and the government’s own impact assessment has stated that “there is no evidence that betting on Euromillions draws abroad harms return to good causes.”

With the proposed change to the licence conditions being imminent this development will be one to watch.

For more information about gambling licensing contact Partner and Head of Gambling, Nick Arron, on 0115 953 8500.

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