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How is a DJ classed under the Live Music Act?

Are DJ's classed as live music under the Live Music Act 2012?

Q: I’ve heard that DJs are live music under the Live Music Act and I might not need permission for recorded music. Is this true?

A: A DJ who is mainly playing tracks would not be classed as ‘Live Music’ but might if he or she was performing a set which largely consisted of mixing recorded music to create new sounds.

In other words, a typical wedding or party DJ would require ‘Recorded Music’ authorised on the licence or under a TEN, but a more trendy DJ creating new music from existing tracks probably wouldn’t. Under the Live Music Act the latter wouldn’t require a licence for the music in on-licensed premises until 11pm for an audience of up to 200 people.

Speak to your council licensing officer if in any doubt. The government is planning to make all live and recorded music in on-licensed premises non-licensable by mid-2014, for audiences up to 500 and to 11pm.

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