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House of Lords Publishes Report in to Costal Town Regeneration

The report recognises the importance of hospitality in the regeneration of seaside towns.

“The House of Lords has today published a report setting out its vision for the future of coastal town economies and sets out some ideas for regeneration.

The report recognises the deprivation and lack of opportunity that exists in many seaside communities, in particular, in terms of employment opportunities for young people. It highlights the success stories of Brighton and Bournemouth, and contrasts them with other coastal towns which suffer an ‘end of the line’ image.

Amongst many other things, the report recognises that hospitality industry can help in providing career paths for people living in costal towns and also to help with the employment short fall that is anticipated to flow from Brexit.

The report identifies that successful regeneration comes from partnerships, including local authorities, business and community leaders working together to provide vision and leadership.

The report sets out a number of visions including one that ‘The hospitality sector should be championed and transformed into a reward and highly respected career path’.

The full report can be accessed here:

It is an interesting read and we will see how this helps to develop our much loved seaside communities in the coming years.”

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