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Hotelier Fined £80,000 for Health and Safety Breaches due to Asbestos

Carrying out a refurb? Have you checked for Asbestos?

“A Devon based hotelier has been fined £80,000 after the Health and Safety Executive investigated reports that there were asbestos containing materials present during refurbishment works, which had not been appropriately tested prior to the commencement of the refurbishment.

This highlights the importance of carrying out the necessary checks before the commencement of work, to ensure that a site is asbestos free. The risks associated with humans coming into contact with asbestos are well documented, and these types of cases are taken very seriously by the HSE and the Courts.

Carrying out the necessary assessments and testing prior to the commencement of a refurbishment to see if there are any asbestos containing materials, should be considered if there is any chance asbestos may be present. The age of the building, the design of the building etc, may all be indicators as to whether there may be asbestos containing materials present. The expense of doing this preventative step will be far less than a fine given by the Courts and you can carry out the refurbishment safe in the knowledge that your employees and any contractors will be safe”.

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