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Government Publishes Regulations Prescribing Revised Application Form

Changes to the Application Form to change the Designated Premises Supervisor

“The Government yesterday laid regulations which will come into force on 23rd March 2018, amending the application form to specify an individual named as a Designated Premises Supervisor.

The only change is to the notification process to the existing DPS.  The current application form requires the applicant to send a copy of the application form to the outgoing DPS.  The danger with this was that the personal details of the incoming DPS would be shared with the outgoing DPS.

The application form has now been amended to ask the applicant to confirm that the outgoing DPS has been notified of the application.  There is therefore no requirement to send a copy of the application to them.

Guidance note 4 has been amended to reflect the change.  The Guidance notes have also been amended to refer to Section 38 and the fact that a variation to the DPS can have immediate effect.”

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