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Government confirms amended late night levy legislation

The Government’s proposal to amend the existing late night levy legislation has arrived

We have previously reported on this. Read now for further context.

The government’s proposal to amend the existing late night levy legislation was confirmed yesterday, Wednesday 12th July.

This will include late night refreshment premises (late night hot food and drink) and will allow local authorities to create specific areas where the levy will apply.

The levy has been in force since 2012, but has been controversial and only a handful of local authorities introduce it and three recently removed it in favour of a BID.

One of the criticisms of the levy is that it was such a blunt tool that it applied to all premises in the local authority area which sold alcohol after a certain time, usually midnight, and is therefore manifestly unfair.

To some extent the changes address this but have been widely criticised by the industry and bearing in mind the multiple challenges facing hospitality at the moment and the significance of the industry to the economy it would perhaps have been better for the government to abandon these changes and indeed look to remove the late night levy legislation completely.

The legislation comes into force from the 13th July but it is not yet known whether any local authority will look to introduce one.

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