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Gambling Commission unveils their new strategy for making gambling fairer and safer

Five strategic priorities for the Gambling Commission

“The Gambling Commission has today released its new strategy, setting out the regulators focus on five key areas in their plans to make gambling fairer and safer.

The five areas detailed are:

  • “…protecting the interests of consumers – for example, the Commission expects operators to intervene to make play safe and to protect consumers at risk. There will also be tougher and broader sanctions on operators (including lottery) who fail to treat customers fairly and make gambling safe.
  • preventing harm to consumers and the public – for example, the Commission expects consumers to be provided with more information about gambling and its risks, and better controls to manage their gambling.
  • raising standards in the gambling market – for example, the Commission expects effective and independent arrangements to resolve consumer complaints and disputes.
  • optimising returns to good causes from lotteries – for example, the Commission will regulate in a way that delivers a healthy National Lottery for customers and good causes, and will plan for the competition for a new licence to be awarded for 2023.
  • improving the way the Commission regulates – for example, the Commission will improve the way it taps into consumer and public issues to inform action; it will help industry comply but take precautionary action where necessary, and will give independent and well-evidenced advice to government on gambling and its impact.”

The full strategy document can be viewed on the Gambling Commission Website here.”

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