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Gambling Commission release update on Remote Customer Interaction Consultation

Next steps outlined by the Commission

The Gambling Commission (Commission) has today issued a press release providing an update on the remote customer interaction consultation which ended earlier in 2021.

The Commission states that within its casework it had identified that “… while remote operators had the ability to interact with those being harmed, they were not always doing so or acting quickly enough.” As such the Commission opened its consultation to obtain feedback around new, robust rules that would seek to deal with this issue. Additionally, there was a call for evidence regarding the thresholds for affordability assessments and what they should be, the nature of these affordability assessments and how operators are required to protect consumers following an assessment.

According to the Commission statement 13,000 responses were received to the consultation (1,000 responses to the full consultation and call for evidence, and 12,000 to the short survey)

Today’s press release advises that the Commission has concluded “… stronger requirements are needed for operators to identify a range of indicators of harm and take appropriate action more often and at an earlier stage.”

The Commission has identified three key areas of risk:

  1. Significant losses in a very short time;
  2. Significant losses over time; and
  3. Financial vulnerability.

The press release also outlines the next steps that the Commission will be taking including:

  • Publishing a full response to the consultation in the summer of 2021.
  • Proceeding with a planned consultation looking at thresholds for operators to take action and guidance in respect of what those actions should be.

There will be further updates from the Commission once the next consultation launches.

To view the full press release please see here.”

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