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Gambling Commission issues Guidance for Remote Gambling Operators

Regulator advises customer interaction policy of Identify, Interact and Evaluate

“The Gambling Commission has announced that it is writing to all remote gambling Operating Licence holders providing new guidance on ‘identifying and interacting with customers who may be experiencing, or at risk of developing, problems with their gambling’.

The Gambling Commission has confirmed that in its corporate strategy for 2018-2021 it set out its expectations that operators should ensure that all play is safe and that customers who may be at risk of problem gambling are appropriately protected.

The Gambling Commission has stated that it is ‘committed to helping businesses be compliant: to ensure standards are understood, to facilitate sharing of best practice, and to give guidance’.

The new guidance is available on the Commission’s website.

Operators are advised to review their own policies and procedures in line with the Guidance to assess whether the Gambling Commission’s expectations are met and whether improvements are required.”

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