News FOBT players are staking less and playing for longer

DCMS publishes its evaluation into the effects of the Regulations affecting Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

  • Date: 25 January 2016
  • Author/Solicitor: Nick Arron

Commenting, Nick Arron, Partner at Poppleston Allen said: “The DCMS has published its evaluation of Regulations introduced in April 2015 changing the way that players can use sub category B2 gaming machines (also known as Fixed Odds Betting Terminals).

The Regulations require players staking over £50 to either interact with staff or use account based play. The policy objective behind the Regulations was to give players greater control and encourage more conscious decision making, reducing player losses and with the unintended consequence of reducing industry revenue.

The evaluation recognises that the full effect of the changes are still uncertain, however since the introduction of the Regulations the evidence indicates that there has been:

  • A larger than anticipated reduction in stakes over £50
  • A relatively low uptake in accounts
  • Increased duration of play
  • An overall comparable decrease in the total amount staked

The evaluation can be read in full here.”

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Source:  Poppleston Allen