News Executive Level Changes Made at Gambling Commission

Changes Introduced To Put “Consumers At Heart Of Regulation”

Commenting, Richard Bradley, Solicitor at Poppleston Allen said:

"The Gambling Commission has announced changes to its Executive team, with the aim of placing consumers at “the heart of regulation”.
The Commission describe the key changes are designed to:

  • give greater emphasis to the role that the Gambling Commission plays to promote and protect consumers’ interests in both commercial gambling markets and the National Lottery;
  • ensure sufficient focus on analysis and evidence;
  • look to market, technology and consumer developments, for example the increasingly digital and mobile-led dimension to the National Lottery and commercial gambling, and take account of these changes in future regulatory approaches;
  • maintain a strong focus on effective engagement with industry sectors; on shared regulation with local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales, and, in an international gambling market, on partnerships with regulators in other jurisdictions; and
  • build on the Commission’s expertise, its ways of working and communications to ensure regulation is effective and efficient for the future. 

In April the Commission also intends to publish its business and financial plan for 2016/2017, providing details of its key programmes and projects, and later in the financial year it will begin the process of developing its new forward strategy.

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Source:  Poppleston Allen