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Council in North West votes to consult on a Late Night Levy

6 week consultation begins on 8th May

Bolton Council have resolved to consult on a Late Night Levy.

A summary of the proposals is –

  1. That the late night levy will be introduced on 1st January 2024.
  2. That the late night supply period will begin at 03:00 hours and end at 06:00 hours.
  3. To exempt the following permitted categories of premises from paying the levy as defined in the Late Night Levy (Expenses, Exemptions and Reductions) Regulations 2012:a. Premises with overnight accommodation, where alcohol can only be supplied to person staying at the premises for consumption on the premises.
    b. Theaters and cinemas.
    c. Bingo Halls.
    d. Community Amateur Sports Clubs.
    e. Community premises.
    f. New Year’s Day (i.e. 1st January) premises only (this relates to premises which are authorised to supply/sell alcohol between 00:00 hours and 06:00 hours, ONLY on New Year’s Day).
  4. The Council is not proposing to apply any other exemptions or reductions.
  5. The Council has confirmed with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), that the net amount of the of the levy revenue, will be split between the Council (statutory 30%) and the PCC (statutory 70%).
  6. The Council will allow licence holders to make an application to vary their licence under sections 41A or 86A (minor variation) of the Licensing Act 2003. There will be no fee for such valid application provided it is received by the Council within the 2 month period directly following the date of a formal decision notice to introduce the Levy. This applies only for reduction of licensed hours for sale/supply of alcohol so they do not fall within the operational hours of the levy (03:00 to 06:00 hours).

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact any of our licensing solicitors.

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