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Consultation on changes to Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice

Proposals considered to promote the fair and open Gambling Licensing Objective

“The Gambling Commission has today launched its consultation on proposed changes to the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP), which relate to:

  • Protecting the interests of consumers;
  • Raising standards in the gambling market; and
  • Improving the way the Gambling Commission regulates the gambling industry.

The three main areas under consultation are:

Marketing and Advertising

  • Ensuring that Licensees adhere to the UK advertising codes;
  • Ensuring clarity in respect of obligations relating to misleading advertising;
  • Introducing a new requirement to prevent consumers receiving “spam” marketing by email or SMS; and
  • Confirming that Licensees remain responsible for actions of third party organisations that they use.

Unfair Terms

  • Ensuring Licensees are compliant with relevant consumer protection legislation at all stages of dealing with consumers and that terms, conditions and practices are fair and transparent.

Complaints and Disputes

  • Introducing an 8 week time limit for Licensees to deal with gambling related complaints and disputes, ensuring that operators handle complaints in a fair, open, timely, transparent and effective manner.

The Gambling Commission has also proposed to introduce further advice to Licensees on handling complaints with particular focus on:

  • Defining complaints and disputes, and clarifying where possible the disputes an ADR provider can consider;
  • Complaints procedure requirements;
  • Receiving complaints from different sources;
  • Time limits for complaints handling and escalation;
  • Requirements for escalating disputes to ADR providers;
  • Standards for providing information to customers; and
  • Information required by the Commission.

Responses to the consultation must be received by 5pm on Sunday 22nd April 2018 and the full consultation documentation can be found here.

For further information on this or any other legal related gambling issues contact solicitor Richard Bradley 0115 953 8500.

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