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Canal boat application

Can a moving vehicle obtain a premises licence?

Q: I run a canal side pub and I have just noticed that a canal boat has applied for a Premises Licence to sell alcohol and to provide entertainment up and down the canal. Is this legal? I thought moving vehicles couldn’t obtain a Premises Licence but if they can, how do I object?

A: A canal boat is classed as a “vessel” under the Licensing Act and therefore not subject to the restriction on moving vehicles. As long as the owner of the canal boat makes the application for the Premises Licence in the correct format and pays the appropriate fee, then unless there are objections the application will be granted and he will be able to sell alcohol and provide entertainment away from the place where the canal boat is usually moored or berthed.

You are entitled to object but you need to ensure your objection is based upon one of the four licensing objectives and that it is not simply because you fear losing business.

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